Postdoctoral research

The ITCE program will contribute to postdoctoral training and research in a range of subject areas related to understanding the large-scale functioning and alteration of ecosystems in the USA and globally. Each project postdoc will be co-advised by a cluster of ITCE faculty bringing a range of relevant expertise in biology, earth systems science and numerical methods. In addition to standard institution-based research, postdocs will be supported to conduct extended visits to partner labs to conduct research in residence and expand their skill set. Postdocs will also contribute to the project's graduate training efforts through curriculum development and teaching at the annual summer short courses, and have opportunities to participate in bioinformatics efforts building the national cyberinfrastructure in support of continental-scale ecology.

Read more about our ITCE postdoctoral fellows HERE.

Cross-cutting research themes include:

Water Cycle

Biomarkers for Migration

C3 and C4 Photosynthesis

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide


ITCE News!

New Instructional Video Module on Biogeography and Isotope Fractionation in C3 & C4 plants with Christopher Still! Check out all of the videos at the bottom of the 'Summer Courses' tab!


New Publications - Two new papers by SPATIAL alum Sean Brennan involving salmon migration (here) and using dendritic network models to improve Strontium isoscapes (here)!


New Blog Post - Former SPATIAL student Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel discusses her experience as a SPATIAL student last summer! (Check it out here!)


Awards - Former ITCE post-doc Jennifer Cotton has received an NSF Macrosystems Biology Grant. Congratulations, Jen! (Check out the NEON press release here!)

New Publications - Former SPATIAL student Chabi Djagoun's work on carbon isotope niches in herbivores in a west African savannah is now available in Mammalian Biology - Free download until Nov 7th! (Check it out here)


New Publications - Former SPATIAL student Giovanny Mosquera in two new publications involving high elevation tropical ecosystems (Hydrological Processes and Hydrology and Earth System Sciences)


Awards - Congratulations to Jim Ehleringer for receiving the prestigious Rosenblatt Prize for Excellenc! (Read more here.)


Presentations - Several SPATIAL & IsoCamp instructors and past students represented at the 10th annual (ISOECOL meeting in Tokyo!) last week.

Archived ITCE News


IsoMAP: WebGIS for Isotopes

IsoMAP is a dynamic, online workspace for spatial analysis, modeling and prediction of stable isotope ratio variation in the natural environment. The initial realease of the IsoMAP gateway is now live and supports precipitation isotope ratio modeling. Visit IsoMAP to learn more or to start making isoscapes today!