ITCE faculty

Hagit Affek, Yale University

Becca Barnes, Colorado College

Clement Bataille, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jayne Belnap, USGS

Gabe Bowen, University of Utah

Dave Bowling, University of Utah

Simon Brewer, University of Utah

J Renee Brooks, EPA Corvallis

Thure Cerling, University of Utah

Lesley Chesson, IsoForensics Inc.

Todd Dawson, University of California, Berkeley

Jim Ehleringer, University of Utah

Kate Freeman, Pennsylvania State University

Kevin Gurney, Arizona State University

John Hayes, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Keith Hobson, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Carol Kendall, USGS

Kelly Knudson, Arizona State Universitiy

Beverly Law, Oregon State University

Steve Leavitt, University of Arizona

Naomi Levin, John Hopkins University

John Lin, University of Utah

Kelton McMahon, University of California, Santa Cruz

John Miller, NOAA/University of Colorado, Boulder

Claudia Mora, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jason Neff, University of Colorado, Boulder

Seth Newsome, University of New Mexico

David Noone, Oregon State University

Diane Pataki, University of Utah

Elise Pendall, University of Wyoming

Brian Popp, University of Hawaii

Rebecca Powell, University of Denver

John Roden, Southern Oregon University

Darren Sandquist, California State University, Fullerton

Jed Sparks, Cornell University

Howie Spero, University of California, Davis

Chris Still, Oregon State University

Carly Strasser, California Digital Library

Clive Trueman, University of Southampton

Jason West, Texas A&M University

David Williams, University of Wyoming

Stephanie Wright, The Mozilla Foundation

Mike Wunder, University of Colorado, Denver

ITCE News!

New Instructional Video Module on Biogeography and Isotope Fractionation in C3 & C4 plants with Christopher Still! Check out all of the videos at the bottom of the 'Summer Courses' tab!


New Publications - Two new papers by SPATIAL alum Sean Brennan involving salmon migration (here) and using dendritic network models to improve Strontium isoscapes (here)!


New Blog Post - Former SPATIAL student Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel discusses her experience as a SPATIAL student last summer! (Check it out here!)


Awards - Former ITCE post-doc Jennifer Cotton has received an NSF Macrosystems Biology Grant. Congratulations, Jen! (Check out the NEON press release here!)

New Publications - Former SPATIAL student Chabi Djagoun's work on carbon isotope niches in herbivores in a west African savannah is now available in Mammalian Biology - Free download until Nov 7th! (Check it out here)


New Publications - Former SPATIAL student Giovanny Mosquera in two new publications involving high elevation tropical ecosystems (Hydrological Processes and Hydrology and Earth System Sciences)


Awards - Congratulations to Jim Ehleringer for receiving the prestigious Rosenblatt Prize for Excellenc! (Read more here.)


Presentations - Several SPATIAL & IsoCamp instructors and past students represented at the 10th annual (ISOECOL meeting in Tokyo!) last week.

Archived ITCE News


IsoMAP: WebGIS for Isotopes

IsoMAP is a dynamic, online workspace for spatial analysis, modeling and prediction of stable isotope ratio variation in the natural environment. The initial realease of the IsoMAP gateway is now live and supports precipitation isotope ratio modeling. Visit IsoMAP to learn more or to start making isoscapes today!