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October, 2017:

New Publication – SPATIAL and IsoCamp alum Cat Jarman develops ITCE research-in-residence project and reports paleogenomic analysis of skeletal samples in determining the origins of inhabitants of Rapa Nui. Read the paper published in Current Biology (here)

2018 Course Dates Announced!

Open PhD position - The research group of Prof. Kahmen at the University of Basel just published an open ERC-funded PhD position in stable isotope physiology. Read it (here).

May, 2017:

New Publication - Marine isoscape paper from ITCE research-in-residence team including SPATIAL alum Sarah Magozzi, SPATIAL instructors Clive Trueman and Michael Wunder, and former ITCE post-doc Hannah Vander Zanden! Read it (here)!

New Publication - Marine Biology paper by SPATIAL alum Julia Adams (2015). Link to full-text article (here)!

March, 2017:

New Publications - Two new papers by SPATIAL alum Sean Brennan involving salmon migration (here) and using dendritic network models to improve Strontium isoscapes (here)!

January, 2017:

New Blog Post - Former SPATIAL student Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel discusses her experience as a SPATIAL student last summer! (Check it out here!)

September, 2016:

Awards - Former ITCE post-doc Jennifer Cotton has received an NSF Macrosystems Biology Grant. Congratulations, Jen! (Check out the NEON press release here!)

New Publications - Former SPATIAL student Chabi Djagoun's work on carbon isotope niches in herbivores in a west African savannah is now available in Mammalian Biology - Free download until Nov 7th! (Check it out here)

July, 2016:

New Publications - Former SPATIAL student Giovanny Mosquera in two new publications involving high elevation tropical ecosystems (Hydrological Processes and Hydrology and Earth System Sciences)

May, 2016:

Awards - Congratulations to Jim Ehleringer for receiving the prestigious Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence! Read more (here)! 

April, 2016:

Presentations - Several SPATIAL & IsoCamp instructors and past students represented at the 10th annual (ISOECOL meeting in Tokyo!) last week.

March, 2016:

New Publication - Vander Zanden et al. discuss the use of H & O Isotopic ratios in food web studies in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution! (here!) 

November, 2015:

New Publication - Former SPATIAL student Ritika Kaushal in Ecological Indicators! Check out the proof here!

New Publication - Vander Zanden in Journal of Avian Biology (here)!

September, 2015:

New publication - Former SPATIAL participant Jaivime Evaristo in Nature (here!) discussing the compartmentalization of global surface waters. Plus, commentary on Evaristo's work by G. Bowen in the same issue (here)!

August, 2015:

In the media - Hannah Vander Zanden, along with over 50 other researchers, sample 70 sites along the Red Butte Creek watershed! (Read more here)

In the media- Applications of the Hestia model and street-level air monitoring on Climatewire (here)!

July, 2015:

New publication - Good, Noone, & Bowen quantify evapotranspiration subcomponents & hydrologic connectivity of soil & surface waters in Science (here)!

June, 2015:

New publication - Good, et al. discuss D/H ratios in global water cycle - Geophysical Research Letters (here).

May, 2015:

In the media - Post-doc Daniel Mendoza, John Lin, Kevin Gurney, and others, discuss developments with the Hestia data project. Check it out here!

March, 2015:

New publication - Gorski et al. in PNAS (here).

In the media - G. Bowen on KSL discussing the PNAS paper findings (watch it here!)

New publication - Vander Zanden et al. in Ecologyical Applications (here).

February, 2015:

New publication - G. Bowen and S. Good have a new synthesis paper out in WIREs Water (here).

January, 2015:

In the media - ITCE post-doc Logan Mitchell's TRAX air-quality research on Fox 13 News! Watch the inverview here!

In the media - Post-doc Logan Mitchell took a ride on KSL's Chopper 5 to collect air quality data at different elevations throughout the valley. See it here!

December, 2014:

In the media - ITCE post-doc Logan Mitchell's TRAX air-quality research on KUER! Listen here!.

Presentation - ITCE was represented at AGU in San Francisco by several affiliated faculty and postdocs. See a list of relevant abstracts here.

Publication - Foley et al. in Canadian J. of Fisheries & Aquatic Sci. (here)

Publication - Brennan et al. in Chemical Geology (here)

November, 2014:

Presentation - G. Bowen spoke at a workshop on isotope applications in archaeology in Kiel, Germany (more info here).

October, 2014:

Presentation - ITCE was represented at GSA in Vancouver by several affiliated faculty and postdocs. See a list of relevant abstracts here!

September, 2014:

Publication - Good et al. in Water Res. Research (here)

Publication - Vander Zanden et al. in Ecological Applications (preprint here)

Blog post - G. Bowen and S. Good wrote a post on superstorm Sandy on the Picarro blog (here)

August, 2014:

Publication - Vander Zanden et al. in Rapid Comm. in Mass Spectrometry (here)

Publication - Vander Zanden et al. in Methods in Ecol. and Evol. (here)

In the media - ITCE Postdoc Logan Mitchell worked with UTA to install greenhouse gas and ozone sensors into the TRAX light rail system. Read the article here!

March, 2014:

Publication - Good et al. in PLoS ONE (here)


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