Each morning at SPATIAL starts with a discussion of the day ahead, and then we dive into lectures delivered by specialists drawn from universities and research agencies across the USA and the globe. Lectures focus on the theory and processes giving rise to spatiotemporal patterns in a range of isotopic systems, and on how scientists are documenting and using the patterns to infer process and solve problems in multi-scale ecological, biogeochemical and Earth science research.

Evening lectures and discussions are held once or twice each week. These are accompanied by a shared meal and provide less formal settings in which we present and engage around important career and community developmet subjects, such as data managment, mentoring and inclusion, and science careers beyond academia.

evening session


The 2023 SPATIAL Course will be July 31 - Aug 11

Admissions decisions have been announced...see you in July!


The Waterisotopes Database and isoBank are community resources to develop FAIR data repositories for isotope science. Get involved, find and share data!