dinner outside

Building Community

The spirit of SPATIAL is sharing. We share our knowledge and perspectives. We share the load of group projects and our research outcomes. And we share experiences that, over two weeks, transform a group of strangers into a lasting network of friends, peers, and collaborators.

Social and informal activities are integrated throughout our two weeks together. You’ll get to know your new classmates over barbeque and beverages while watching the sunset over the Great Salt Lake. You might find yourself holding your colleague’s hand to ensure they don’t tumble into a cold mountain stream, or singing classic rock while driving the Salt Lake Valley to sample urban water systems on our field day. You can support your friends as you complete a strenuous hike to a high-mountain lake, and celebrate with them after an intense week of cranking out a research project you hadn’t even conceived of five days before.

Highlights from our schedule include:

  • Welcome to SPATIAL picnic
  • Group field work
  • Shared weekday dinners
  • Group research presentations
  • Mid-course celebration and research 'prizes'
  • Day in the mountains - hiking, cook-out, volleyball, and sunshine
  • Graduation banquet
  • Living, eating, and commuting with your colleagues!



The 2023 SPATIAL Course will be July 31 - Aug 11

Admissions decisions have been announced...see you in July!


The Waterisotopes Database and isoBank are community resources to develop FAIR data repositories for isotope science. Get involved, find and share data!