Current and former SPATIAL faculty

Becca Barnes, Colorado College

Clement Bataille, University of Ottawa

Jayne Belnap, USGS

Gabe Bowen, University of Utah

Simon Brewer, University of Utah

Michele Buzon, Purdue University

Thure Cerling, University of Utah

Lesley Chesson, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

Jim Ehleringer, University of Utah

Rich Fiorella, Los Alamos National Lab

Stephen Good, Oregon State University

Dan Griffith, Wesleyan University

Kevin Gurney, Northern Arizona University

Linnea Hawkins, Oregon State University

Eve-Lyn Hinckley, University of Colorado, Boulder

Carol Kendall, USGS

Deborah Khider, University of Southern California

Kelly Knudson, Arizona State Universitiy

John Lin, University of Utah

Kelton McMahon, University of Rhode Island

John Miller, NOAA/University of Colorado, Boulder

Jason Neff, University of Colorado, Boulder

David Noone, University of Auckland

Jessica Oster, Vanderbilt University

Diane Pataki, Arizona State University

Suzanne Pilaar Birch, University of Georgia

Rebecca Powell, University of Denver

Chris Still, Oregon State University

Carly Strasser, California Digital Library

Clive Trueman, University of Southampton

Jason West, Texas A&M University

Stephanie Wright, The Mozilla Foundation

Mike Wunder, University of Colorado, Denver


The 2024 SPATIAL Course will be July 7 - 19

Admissions decisions have been announced...see you in July!


The Waterisotopes Database and isoBank are community resources to develop FAIR data repositories for isotope science. Get involved, find and share data!