AGU 12-16 December, 2016: San Francisco, CA

List of relevant presentations and posters by ITCE affiliates (click on title to view abstract):

Monday, Dec. 12th

Morning Posters (all 8:00 - 12:20 in Moscone South - Poster Hall)

Oerter, E. et al
ED11A-0874: Every Apple has a Voice: Using Stable Isotope Hydrology to Teach about Food Sourcing and the Water Cycle

Szejner, P. et al
B11D-0489: Latitudinal Gradients in Tree Ring Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes Reveal Differential Climate Influences of the North American Monsoon System


14:55 - 15:10 in Moscone West Rm 3001
Cotton, J. et al
GC13I-06: Climate change drives a northward expansion of C4 grasses in North America by the end of the century

15:10 - 15:25 in Moscone West Rm 3003
Putman, A. and G. Bowen
GC13H-07: Precipitation Stable Isotopes Indicate Hydroclimatic Change Since 1965

Afternoon Posters (all 13:40 - 18:00 in Moscone South - Poster Hall)

Tulley-Cordova, C. et al
GC13E-1241: Precipitation variability in the Four Corners region USA from 2002 to 2015

Tuesday, December 13th 

Afternoon Posters (all 13:40 - 18:00 in Moscone South - Poster Hall)

Jameel, M. Y. et al
H23A-1526: Quantifying the Anthropogenic and Geological Controls on the DIC and Water Quality of the Waterways in a Closed Semi-Arid Basin

Wednesday, December 14th 

Morning Posters (all 8:00 - 12:20 in Moscone South - Poster Hall)

Fiorella, R. et al
H31E-1446: Forest Canopy Water Cycling Responses to an Intermediate Disturbance Revealed Through Stable Water Vapor Isotopes

Smith, R. et al
PP31D-2329: Development and Interpretation of River Water Isoscapes Using a Stream Network Modeling Framework


9:45 - 10:00 in Moscone West Rm 3022
Raczka, Brett et al
GH31K-08: What drives the seasonal pattern of δ13C in the net land-atmosphere CO2 exchange across the United States?

Thursday, December 15th 


08:40 - 08:50 in Moscone South - Rm 102
Bowen, G.
U41A-05: Incorporating Terrestrial Processes in Models of PETM Carbon Cycle Evolution (Invited)

11:05 - 11:20 in Moscone West - Rm 3014
Brooks, R. et al
H42G-04: Estimating pothole wetland connectivity to Pipestem Creek, North Dakota: an isotopic approach

Afternoon Posters (all 13:40 - 18:00 in Moscone South Poster Hall)

Tipple, B. et al
GC43C-1184: Tap water isotopes reveal the San Francisco Bay Area?s plumbing and responses to a major drought

Friday, December 16th 

Morning Posters (all 8:00 - 12:20 in Moscone South - Poster Hall)

Mendoza, D. et al
A51K-0248: Testing a high resolution CO2 and CO emission inventory against atmospheric observations in Salt Lake City, Utah for policy applications

Mitchell, L. et al
A51K-0247: Evaluating Urban Methane Emissions with a Light Rail Vehicle Platform in Salt Lake City, UT


11:05 - 11:20 in Moscone West Rm 3022
Mosquera, G. et al
H52E-04: Illuminating the hydrology of a high-elevation tropical ecosystem: Runoff generation in the ps?ramo

14:40 - 14:55 in Moscone West Rm 3004
Catharine, D. et al
A53M-05: Evaluating Anthropogenic Carbon Emissions in the Urban Salt Lake Valley through Inverse Modeling: Combining Long-term CO2 Observations and an Emission Inventory using a Multiple-box Atmospheric Model

Afternoon Posters (13:40 - 18:00 in Moscone South - Poster Hall)

Huth, T. et al
PP53B-2386: Paleoclimate and Paleoecology of Central Utah during the Past ?200,000 Years from Soil Carbonate Pendants


ITCE News!

2018 course application window is now closed - admission decisions by end February

New Publication – SPATIAL and IsoCamp alum Cat Jarman develops ITCE research-in-residence project and reports paleogenomic analysis of skeletal samples in determining the origins of inhabitants of Rapa Nui. Read the paper published in Current Biology (here)

2018 Course Dates Announced!

Open PhD position - The research group of Prof. Kahmen at the University of Basel just published an open ERC-funded PhD position in stable isotope physiology. Read it (here).


New Publication - Marine isoscape paper from ITCE research-in-residence team including SPATIAL alum Sarah Magozzi, SPATIAL instructors Clive Trueman and Michael Wunder, and former ITCE post-doc Hannah Vander Zanden! Read it (here)!

New Publication - Marine Biology paper by SPATIAL alum Julia Adams (2015). Link to full-text article (here)!


New Publications - Two new papers by SPATIAL alum Sean Brennan involving salmon migration (here) and using dendritic network models to improve Strontium isoscapes (here)!


New Blog Post - Former SPATIAL student Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel discusses her experience as a SPATIAL student last summer! (Check it out here!)

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IsoMAP: WebGIS for Isotopes

IsoMAP is a dynamic, online workspace for spatial analysis, modeling and prediction of stable isotope ratio variation in the natural environment. The initial realease of the IsoMAP gateway is now live and supports precipitation isotope ratio modeling. Visit IsoMAP to learn more or to start making isoscapes today!