The ITCE training program for macrosystems biology

The ITCE program represents a 5-year effort to develop and provide integrated training experiences that will help to launch a generation of scientists prepared to tackle the large-scale challenges presented by the ongoing climatic, ecological, and biogeochemical perturbations affecting the USA and the globe. The program emphasizes the use of stable isotopes in biogeochemical and ecological studies as a focal theme, but on this foundation offers coverage of a broad range of systems and techniques that are widely applicable to problems of spatial analysis, scaling, observation, and modeling of Earth system processes.

The program is founded on the idea of multi-institution, collaborative, cohort-based training and education, and includes the following key elements:

  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-university instruction; cohorts of 25-30 students and 12-16 instructors together in each of two 2-week training courses; further dissemination of these efforts via podcasts and web-based instructional modules

  • Extended post-course training where students will expand thesis foci at other universities and across scales through collaborative research-in-residence experiences with course instructors

  • Postdoctoral research and training involving multi-instructor collaborations with a focus on modeling and syntheses in 4 topics central to continental-scale biology: migration, carbon cycle, water cycle, and disturbance


ITCE News!

SPATIAL 2015 applications were due Friday, February 6!
Decisions on acceptance and scholarship support will be announced the last week of February.

Postdoctoral Opportunity! Applications being reviewed beginning Feb 23! View complete announcement here.


In the media - Post-doc Logan Mitchell took a ride on KSL's Chopper 5 to collect air quality data at different elevations throughout the valley. See it here!

In the media - ITCE post-doc Logan Mitchell's TRAX air-quality research on Fox 13 News! Watch the interview here


In the media - ITCE post-doc Logan Mitchell's TRAX air-quality research on KUER! Listen here

Presentation - ITCE was represented at AGU in San Francisco by several affiliated faculty and postdocs. See a list of relevant abstracts here!

New publication - Foley et al. in Canadian J. of Fisheries & Aquatic Sci. (here)

New publication - Brennan et al. in Chemical Geology (here)


Presentation - G. Bowen spoke at a workshop on isotope applications in archaeology in Kiel, Germany (more info here).

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Congratulations to the
of our 2014-2015 Research-in-Residence Awards!

IsoMAP: WebGIS for Isotopes

IsoMAP is a dynamic, online workspace for spatial analysis, modeling and prediction of stable isotope ratio variation in the natural environment. The initial realease of the IsoMAP gateway is now live and supports precipitation isotope ratio modeling. Visit IsoMAP to learn more or to start making isoscapes today!